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Acura RLX

Acura RLX For Sale in Portland, OR – Luxury With a Performance Pedigree

As Acura’s flagship luxury sedan, the Acura RLX was crafted with precision from the inside-out. The RLX was engineered for intelligent dynamics and surprising efficiency. The agile handling and accommodating interior of the RLX create an optimal experience for both impromptu joyrides or daily commutes alike. Loaded with the latest auto tech, the Acura RLX keeps you safe and entertained at all times. Offering an experience that is both exciting and comfortable, the RLX is a luxury sedan well worth its praise.

Acura RLX For Sale in Portland, OR

Engineered with supercar DNA, the RLX Sport Hybrid delivers the technology of the iconic NSX in the body of a luxury sedan. The Sport Hybrid powertrain gives the vehicle powerful and responsive performance that is equally as efficient. With up to 377 horsepower, the 7-speed Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system with dual-clutch can easily kick you back in your seat. With multiple driving modes and behind wheel paddle shifters, the RLX puts the driver in complete control. While there is no argument for the RLX’s performance, efficient engineering allows all trims of the RLX to receive up to 30 miles to the gallon on the highway.

At first glimpse, the entire design of the RLX screams luxury. From the strong angled front-end to the contouring lines, the RLX has been chiseled to hold a pristine and elegant look. The interior is minimal and decorated with premium leather and wooden accents throughout the cabin. The plush sport-style seats are standard with power adjustments and lumbar support with available heating or ventilation. Finishing touches include premium features such as push-button ignition, heated steering wheel, and GPS-Linked automatic climate control.

By no mistake, the highway riding experience of the RLX is extremely quiet. Driver’s and passengers will enjoy a nearly silent cabin thanks to Acura’s aerodynamic design and advanced active sound control technology. With minimal disturbance, all can enjoy streaming any content through the premium 14-speaker audio system. The touchscreen infotainment system allows users to stay connected through USB/Auxillary audio, Pandora, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth streaming, and countless social applications.

Acura RLX For Sale in Portland, Or

While the RLX creates a highly entertaining experience, Acura has put a priority on safety. Through a variety of on-wheel controls to intelligent voice command, the RLX keeps your ears happy while keeping your eyes on the road. Advancing to the modern age, active safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist help to keep the car on the road and away from trouble. For precise maneuvering, the Surround-View camera system and blind-spot information help detect the vehicle’s surroundings.


Setting the standard in the luxury sedan class, the Acura RLX is exciting and classy from all angles. With precision engineering and aerodynamic design, the RLX has perfected efficient performance. The interior of the RLX has been tailored with premium materials and tech to keep all comfortable and entertained. With a strong infrastructure and active safety controls, the RLX was built to keep you and your loved ones safe. If you are exploring the luxury sedan market, stop by Dick Hannah Acura of Portland and test drive the RLX today!

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