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Super Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), Only from Acura

Acura SH AWD

Here in Oregon, we experience a variety of weather conditions, including (lots of) rain and snow. These variable weather conditions can make driving challenging and sometimes even dangerous without the right equipment. When shopping for your next car, weather and safety are the perfection reasons to consider an all-wheel drive vehicle. Acura’s SH-AWD is a technologically advanced all-wheel drive system, improving handling in all weather conditions as well as being far more fuel efficient than other manufacturers mechanical AWD systems.

SH-AWD VS AWD Advantage

SH-AWD differs from a conventional AWD system by incorporating a special electromagnetic clutch mechanism for the rear wheels. This clutch mechanism is electronically controlled, allowing the SH-AWD system to alter torque delivery to the rear wheels at all times. The standard AWD systems found in other vehicles can only transfer power to the wheels with traction.

What does this actually mean for real-world driving? Torque (power) is routed to the wheels that grip before you can feel the car slip – giving you a renewed confidence in any driving condition.

How Does SH-AWD Work?

Acura All Wheel DriveSH-AWD continuously monitors your vehicle’s traction, direction, and engine input to get you greater control, not just traction. Power is directed in real-time to match your Acura weight distribution as well as other conditions, which results in precise power transitions and the most agile Acura has ever built.

The SH-AWD performs “torque vectoring.” This concept not only divides the power to front and rear wheels, it can also distribute power to individual rear wheels. Up to 100 percent of available rear axle power can be sent to either rear wheel via a second electromagnetic clutch-actuated rear differential. During cornering, it can send up to 160 pound-feet of torque to the outside rear wheel to help rotate the vehicle around its center, reducing understeer and improving handling significantly.

Benefits of SH-AWD

The benefits of AWD have been touted for decades, and while good, Acura’s SH-AWD is a much more intelligent system that actively applies power where needed. It’s seamlessness makes for a rewarding driving experience. Behind the scenes, thousands of calculations provide you with the following:

  • While accelerating hard around a curve, 70% of effective torque can be directed to the rear wheels — all of which can go to the outside wheel to improve cornering ability!
  • When driving long distances and cruising in a straight line, the SH-AWD system can send up to 90% of the vehicle’s available power to the front wheels, leading to a boost in fuel efficiency. This allows larger SUVs, such as the Acura MDX, improved efficiency during highway driving.
  • During hard acceleration, and depending on the conditions, the SH-AWD system can transfer up to 45% of the vehicle’s power to the rear wheels to help assist in traction. This allows your vehicle to maximize traction in different situations.

Experience SH-AWD for Yourself

If you are interested in experiencing Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, schedule a test drive here at Acura of Portland. This system is equipped on a number of Acura models such as the TLX, MDX, RDX and RLX.

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